A thermocouple is a device consisting of two dissimilar conductors or semiconductors that contact each other at one or more points.

We manufacture all types ( Copper / Constantan, Iron / Constantan Chromel / Alumel, Platlum, Platinum, Rhodium. Straight, Bent type, Dip type, surface type etc) and Different sizes of Thermo Couple Products.

Thermocouple Types and Range
Type 1/4" Dia. prodbe 18AWG Wire 3/16" Dia. prodble 20AWG Wire 1/2" Dia. prodbe 24AWG Wire 1/16" Dia. prodbe 30AWG Wire
J Type 900F 900F 700F 600F
K Type 1800F 1800F 1600F 1400F
T Type 550F 500F 400F 300F
E Type 1000F 1000F 800F 700F

Types of Thermocouple:
J Type - Iron Constantan Thermo Couples
K Type - Chromel Alumel Thermo Couples
T Type - Copper Constantan Thermo Couples
E Type - Chromel Alumel Thermo Couples

Temperature Indicators & Controllers
Temperature Gauges (Mercury-in-steel & bimetallic)
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)
Bakelite Insulators
Thermo Wells

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